Sunday, February 12, 2017

Five Ways to Enjoy the Pre-Spring Weather

The sun is starting to come out and the weather has started to turn. Although spring won’t officially be upon us for another five weeks the mild temperatures will be begging you to go outside after the cold winter you just endured. With that in mind here are five things you can do to enjoy the great outdoors.

1. Go on a Bike Ride

 Dust off the bicycle and air up the tires! There’s no feeling like feeling a cool breeze in your face after a long winter and a bike ride is a great way to do that. If you're new to cycling or looking for a different place to ride check out TrailLink to find bike trails in your area.
Weather still a little cold? Don't let that stop you. Check out our newest gloves at Low Valley Outfitters - perfect for cycling!

2. Frolf

You may not have heard of this one, but that's alright. Frolf, or frisbee golf, is a fun and easy way to get outside and enjoy the arrival of the nice weather. Unsure where your local frolf courses are? Give The Disc Golf Scene a visit to find out where the closest courses are to you. 
And you'll wand to look good on the course so go ahead and check out the Low Valley Outfitters outerwear line!

3. Take a Run

Or a walk if that suits you. Taking a run is a great way to escape the indoors and get some exercise. TrailLink (link above) is a great website for running trails too. Take a visit to Low Valley Outfitters to see our new running hats designed to wick sweat away from your head while still keeping your head warm. 

4. Play Catch

Whether it's with a football, a baseball or even a frisbee, playing catch is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with a friend. Live in the city and don't have a yard? That's no excuse! Find parks near you and get to playing catch!

5. Tennis

Tennis a great activity for people of all skill levels. Just like playing catch, tennis is a great way to spend some time with someone close to you. All you need is a racquet, a tennis ball and a place to play and you'll be outside enjoying the weather. While you're thinking about your next tennis match, give Low Valley's athletic page a peak where we have shorts that have pockets with tennis in mind - perfect for holding tennis balls during your match. 

Now that you have some activities to do outside, there's no reason you can't escape the outdoors after the long winter you've undergone. So get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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