Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Beach Getaways for the Landlocked

As finals weeks nears for colleges across the country, many are beginning to plan their summer vacations. Plenty of those vacations include coastal beach destinations, but for everyone else who is landlocked, here are the top freshwater beaches in the U.S.

Presque Isle State Park Beach, Pennsylvania

This stretch of island offers more than 11 miles of beach. With concert spaces, lagoons, lighthouses, and plenty of room for recreation this beach has something for everyone. If you fancy a swim at your beach, you might consider waiting until July to visit this beach as the water will still be cold through the first month of summer. 

Bradford Beach, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

With beach bars and volleyball leagues that run throughout the summer, this beach will make you feel like you're on a beach much farther south, but don't be fooled, this beach sits on Lake Michigan. Bradford Beach offers excellent swimming conditions during the warm months and even holds yoga classes for those who enjoy a more relaxing beach experience. 

Oak Street Beach, Chicago, Illinois

This beach sits on Lake Michigan and right in the heart of Chicago. This beach's location gives the opportunity for the unique experience of being able to take in one of the Midwest's most popular cities while also being able to relax on the beach in the same day. Although Chicago bears frigid weather in the winter, it is not unusual for temperatures to soar past 100 degrees in the summer. Oak Street Beach is a great destination for lovers of the city life. 

Now that you know some of the top beaches in the Heartland of America, finish up your schoolwork, visit Low Valley Outfitters, and gear up for your beach getaway. 

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