Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Outdoor Summer Vacation Spots

Folks, you may have been noticing a trend in our recent blogs - summer. If you're like us here at Low Valley Outfitters you can't wait to have the sun out and warm weather everyday. As we get closer to summer we can't help but think about all the things we want to do during our favorite season. With that in mind, here are the best national parks to visit in the summer.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon 

Visit Crater Lake National Park in the summer to experience the dark hues of blue and green. The breathtaking lake is sunk into the earth and surrounded mountains on all sides. If you snow and frozen water is more your style then maybe consider visiting the lake in the winter, but for a more pleasant and easier experience, take the trip in the summer months.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Located in Southwest Colorado you'll get more than just a visual treat when you visit Mesa Verde National Park. Go on a cultural tour through the ancient Pueblo cliff dwellings and see what life was like for the natives 1,400 years ago. 

Death Valley National Park, California

This one may seem out of place as a national park to visit in the summer, but to get the full experience of Death Valley, make the trip to the lowest point in the U.S. in the summer. At 282 feet below sea level and just northwest of Las Vegas, make sure you are fully prepared for this hot box and bring plenty of water.

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Take a trip to Kenai Fjords National Parlk to get a glimpse into the ice age. This national park is an outdoorsmen's dream with things to do like kayaking and paddle boarding. A visit to Kenai Fjords will showcase the Alaskan wild life and allow you to see the likes of moose, caribou, and even polar bears. With temperatures hovering around 60 degrees in the summer you can have a comfortable day at this Alaskan national park. 

Now that you have some ideas for places to go this summer, visit Low Valley Outfitters, gear up, and go experience the great outdoors. 

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